IPV and Children

These are some of the main effects of domestic violence on children:

Internalized Distress:

  • depression
  • withdrawal
  • anxiety/fear

Externalized Distress:

  • aggression
  • difficult behavior

Stress Indicators:

  • problems with sleeping
  • problems with eating
  • problems with toileting
  • lower achievement in school
  • taunting
  • drug/alcohol abuse

There are several general reactions that children from violent homes are likely to show. the same emotional reactions can be acted out differently according to the child's age.

  1. Feeling responsible for the abuse
  2. Constant Anxiety
  3. Guilt for not stopping the abuse
  4. Grief over the loss of one parent during seperation
  5. Ambivalence, or not knowing how they feel
  6. Fear of Abandonment
  7. A need for excessive adult attention
  8. Fear of physical harm to themselves: A significant percentage of children who wittness violence are also abused.
  9. Embarrassment, especially for older children
  10. Worry about their future